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Our Products

Frozen Potatoes

<span class="light">Frozen</span> Potatoes

Frozen potatoes are essential products for out-of-home consumption. They are used with hamburgers, kebabs, sandwiches and have wide variety of usage in different sectors. The production of high quality potatoes, frying and freezing them and lasty, packing them to make ready to serve

Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

<span class="light">Frozen</span> Vegetables and Fruits

In order to consume vegetables and fruits apart their natural life cycle of life span, it is essential to buy them as frozen products. After being collected from fields, vegetables and fruits are cleaned, sorted and freezed in -40 bands.. By doing so, products do not loose their nutritive value.



Fruits, are produced and harvested in different times so it is not possible to find every fruit any time. It is important for any fruit to be produced in their real life span time. Juices are produced by squeezing the right and matured fruit and adding right amount of water, vitamins and minerals.

Traditional Products

<span class="light">Traditional</span> Products

Halva Tahina, Sesame, Pekmez are traditional types of products in Turkish cuisine. They came from Ottoman culture and also dates back to Selcuk Empire.

Turkey Products

<span class="light">Turkey</span> Products

Turkey meat has the least oil rate among meat products. In 100 grams of turkey meat, there is only 1,7 grams of oil and 155 calories. Turkey meat is also rich in proteins. It is extremely healthy for our body.

Sea Products

<span class="light">Sea</span> Products

Under this section, you can find frozen fish varieties, octopus, calamary and more seafood products that will enrich your menu.

Milk Products

<span class="light">Milk</span> Products

Milk and milk products contain calcium, phosphorus, minerals, proteins and B Class vitamins that make up the foundation of our body. Our product range include butters, cheese products, creams, kefir and more.

Chicken Products

<span class="light">Chicken</span> Products

As far as being economic end healthy product, chicken meat is critical and must be obtained from reliable resources. Dafne is a official dealer of Abalıoğlu firm (Lezita) which produces reliable processed chicken products.

Canned Pickles and Convenience Food

<span class="light">Canned</span> Pickles and Convenience Food

Canned pickles date back to ancient times. They were stored in wooden fromes back then. In our time they are stored in plastic and glass fromes. Pickles are first produced by Turkish people.



Sauces integrated with different cuisine types in the last decade. Everyone loves sauces. You can spill them on meat, fish, chicken and anything that you can name. We are the dealer of ASSAN Food that produces Kingtom and Colorado brands.

Cooking Oil Products

<span class="light">Cooking</span> Oil Products

Cooking oils are the very basic ingredient of salads and fried products. You can provide from our company sunflower oils, types of olive oils and frying oils which are packed as 5lt and 8lt.

Meat Products

<span class="light">Meat</span> Products

Red meat is important in Turkish cuisine. As Dafne Meat dn Meat Product A.S., we have been manufacturing DONER and MEATBALLS since 2006. Our facility is highly hygienic and meets the standards of quality (ISO........) Moreover we are the official dealer of TORKU which also produces meat products.

Food For Breakfast

<span class="light">Food</span> For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal for everyone. Our bodies can not produce enough energy if we skip breakfast. So we have to eat the best products at breakfast to be healthy and more...

Bakery Products

<span class="light">Bakery</span> Products

Bakery products have high workmanship and it is difficult to have a standard product. They are also consumed a lot. From this necessity, we sell the best flakes pastry (milföy) with the right weight and right figure as far as the best pizza and pastry kinds.



Seasonings give a different taste and a traditional approach to any meal. Cooks, love seasonings as they allow the cooks to be creative and adventurous with the cooking process.